About Our Coffee

We Roast Our Own!

Fresh micro-roasted Fair Trade and Organic Certified coffee available in 1 and 5 pound bags to enjoy at home or for your office coffee service.

I founded J.P. Licks in 1981 to bring a little joy to as many people as possible with great ice cream. Then in 1999 I decided to begin roasting coffee since I could no longer buy a good cup after the Coffee Connection was bought out by Starbucks.

Like Goldilocks (might’ve) said “Starbucks roasts too dark, Dunkin’ roasts too light, but J.P. Licks roasts just right.” We roast down the middle…dark enough for a hearty brew but not so dark that every bean tastes burnt. 

We serve a full espresso bar at all 17 of our locations and ship beans anywhere in the continental USA.   Send a bag of our freshly roasted beans to a friend or yourself to enjoy!

-Vincent Petryk
Founder/Owner, J.P. Licks